Beautiful People Should Not Die So Young.

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They continued the Ekroth Company that was started in 1922 by Gus Ekroth.  They also started Worcester Pool Center in Worcester, Massachusetts.  They worked very hard and brought up two beautiful daughters.

Rollande's Story

At a very young age Rolande met her husband Paul.  She wanted the American Dream.  She got married and Immigrated to the United States.  They settled down and built a beautiful new home and started a family outside of Worcester, Massachusetts.  Rolande became a formidable self taught gourmet cook and loved to entertain.  She gave so much love to others.  She was sincere, compassionate and able to give of herself.  She connected with others in such a special way.  In the meantime, her baby sister Cecile' spent summers between Rolande's and her sister Gigi's house in Springfield, MA.  All the siblings grew up and started families of their own.