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Upon moving to Florida, Rolande enjoyed a quiet life of helping others, entertaining and traveling.   She was very dedicated to taking care of herself and getting colonoscopys.  Her doctor diagnosed her with Diverticulitis.  She had symptoms that lasted from a few hours to several days.  Through screening, a polyp or adenoma was discovered and removed.   Complications lead to reconstructive surgery and ultimately a colostomy.  But then, that one day that changed Rolande's life forever.  The doctor diagnosed her with stage three colon cancer.  This was the beginning.  A new way of living had to take place.  A way of life with hospitals, doctors, chemo, radiation, and all it's painful side affects.  The nausea, the loss of her appetite and ultimately the loss of most of her hair.  How can one navigate through so much?   Just trying to coordinate all the appointments and insurance details it was so overwhelming.  Everyday, she held her head up high.  She Looked doctors straight in the eyes and was very brave.  Beautiful and Bold.  She had so much Dignity and Grace.    With her family by her side we marched on.  Carried on. Faced what God had dealt us. Prayed she would just live one more day.   Love carried us through.

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Rollande moved to Florida

Rollande's Story

Beautiful People Should Not Die So Young.

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