On November 8, 2013

My mother was shaking quite a bit, I could not get her to stand alone.  She had become weaker & weaker and upon having a previous consultation with her chemo doctor, Dr. Lin he ultimately recommended hospice to us.   We then called in the Hospice team of Palm Beach County.   We can not Thank them enough for all the wonderful, loving and caring nurses and doctors.  We could have never faced this alone and are so very grateful for their services. 


The Blue Team

Primary Nurse:  Deborah Gladding, RN

Dr. Jennifer Coby

Crisis Care RN Stephanie Hutchinson-Fletcher

Emmachille Jerome

Nurse Luciene Ambo CSI

Social Worker - Cindy

Chaplain Fritz

Music Therapist : Sheri Clark who sang in French to my mother

My Mother's Prayer:


with eyes of Mercy,

May your Healing Hand Rest upon me,

May your Life-Giving Powers Flow into EVERY

Cell of my Body and into the Depths of my Soul,

Cleansing, Purifying, Restoring me to Wholeness and Strength.


On November 16, 2013

Family members have come and gone.  My sister arrived today and my mother has now stopped walking, talking and eating very little.  We gave her yogurt, apple juice, beef broth and at the end of the day we made a ginger ale ice cream float! She liked that the best.

The next day on November 17th, mom had just some applesauce and pudding.  My mom is so graceful, loving & thankful to me because I am here lying on her death bed, holding her small frail hand.  My "Jackie Kennedy" with the little dresses, the hats & little white gloves --- Oh--- How beautiful she was.  She is still so beautiful, lying here in peace before the Big Storm.  The Final End.  She is not speaking, but she can hear my every word.  She knows who I am and why I am here.  To just hold on to her every breath of air.  I can not leave this long hard bed with fear that I may miss the transfer to the old, old shepherd who awaits on God's call.  He will hold her by the hand and carry her through the bright light onto God's Throne.  She will face God who will gather her with the family, who will wait for me to arrive.  We will all wait together until the end of time, until God casts the devil from this earth and the kingdom of Heaven will Rejoice and become one.

Mom Passed on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 11:20PM She was only 70. Brave and Beautiful until the end.  Mothers are Angels, just like those above.  We should Thank them for their Patience, Protection, and most of all, their unconditional Love.  True Love.  No other person could be so caring and warm, truly mothers are angels in Human Form. 

I Love You,


Beautiful People Should Not Die So Young.

WE NEED knowledge and understanding of this terrible disease!  Please Help and Donate today!